Industrial Engineering Questions and Answers

What is String diagram ? Why String diagram is used?

String diagram is a tool which reduces the unnecessary movements by optimizing the design of the work space. It is used for checking the acceptance of different layouts.

Which type of layout is good for automobile manufacturing ?

Product layout.

What is Representative time ?

It is the average of times recorded for an operation by a work study man.

What is the main property of critical activity ?

It has zero slack.

For calculating standard time sampling method is profitable in long cycle operation – Yes or No ?


What type of analysis is break- even analysis ? Short term or Long term ?

Short term.

What are the benefits of a functional organisation ?

better quality of work > Minimum wastage of materials > proper guidance and supervision of the workers.

What is micromotion study ? What is the purpose of micromotion study ?

Subdivision is done in micromotion for an operation for its analysis and completion. Purposes – Doing work most efficiently > Teach people motion economy principle > collecting time motion data.

How work study is done ? Which stop watch or process chart ?

Stop watch.

When Break-even analysis shows profit ?

When Sales revenue is greater than total cost.

What is Just-In-Time theory ?

Just-in-time, or lean manufacturing, is a production management theory formed for production efficiency by the continuous reduction of waste. JIT includes the reduction of inbound inventory by giving a delivery schedule to suppliers and thus minimizing outbound stocks. It reduces the creation of scrap materials and diminished the wasted time. It improves cash flow and sales margin.

What do you mean by flow control ?

Flow control is optimized production technology. In the production process It emphasizes on the efficient flow of material.

Static product layout is also known as –

Fixed position layout.

What is the best process of determining standard time in a complex job system ?

by the analysis of standard data system

How the cost slope is determined in In CPM ?

( Crash cost – Normal cost ) /(Normal time – Crash time)

How to construct a network diagram ?

For each activity only one arrow should be used > In the diagram dangling must be avoided > No consumption of time and resources by dummy activity.

Why simplex method is used ?

for linear programming .

What is the basis of Halsey plan ?

It is a wage incentive plan which ensures minimum wage for a worker and bonus is paid for the fixed percentage of time he/she saved.

What is job evaluation ?
ans- Evaluating the value of a job in relation to other jobs .

10. How break-even analysis is formed ?

fixed cost + variable cost.

Examples of Direct and Indirect costs –

Direct – Wages. Indirect – Electricity Bills .

How to calculate The allowed time for a job ?

Standard time + policy allowance .

How many fundamental hand motion is involved in micromotion study ?


There are three activities in a PERT network on critical path. The mean times are 3,8 and 6. The standard deviations are 1,2 and 2 respectively. What is the probability that the project will be completed in 20 days ?


Scheduling determines what ?

Programme needed for the operation.

A system of organisation was introduced by F. W. Taylor . It is known as –

Functional organization.

What is the sequence of phases in value engineering ?

1. creative phase 2. information phase 3. investigation phase and 4. evaluation phase.

When valve analysis is appreciated ? In large production scale or small production scale?

In large production scale.

What are the conditions for using conveyors for transportation ?

loads should be uniform , no variation the routs and continuous movement of the material.

Planning and scheduling of Mass production manufacturing differs from that of job order manufacturing . True or False ?

True .

What information does scheduling gives us ?

The perfect time for starting the job and the amount of work that should be completed in a certain amount of time.

Which type of layout is used for manufacturing steam turbine ?

fixed position layout,

What information does Gantt chart give us ?

Information about production scheduling.

When materials are checked in perpetual inventory control ?

when material reaches its minimum value.

Why merit rating is used ?

To evaluate workers performance in a work.

Do you think that acceptance sampling is good for mass production ?


What is Queuing theory ?

It is the theory for determining the waiting times and queue lengths by using mathematical study. It is basically the study of waiting lines .

What is the standard time for a job ?
ans – delay contingency allowance plus the total work content time.

What is the full form of PERT ?

Programme Evaluation and Review Technique

When bonus is paid to a worker in wage incentive system named Emerson’s efficiency plan ?

when his or hers output efficiency exceeds 67%.

In Time study , Why the rating factor is applied ?

fixation of incentive rate

Why Gantt Chart is used ?

for production scheduling.

What is the main purpose of value engineering ?

to minimize the cost without changing the quality of the product.

Why Scientific Layout is used ?

Minimizing production delay, increasing floor area and ensuring production quality.

What Work study involves ?

work measurement and method study .

Why A-B-C analysis is used ?

For Inventory Control

Which class of items are generally large in number in In A-B-C analysis ?


PERT analysis depends on –

Optimistic, Pessimistic and most likely time.

Why Process layout is used ?

Ans- for avoiding excessive multiplication of facilities.

What is an element of Queuing Theory ?

Waiting time.

What PERT requires ?

triple time estimate.

According to break even analysis, how total cost is got ?

by summing fixed cost and variable cost.

When Bar Chart is more appropriate to use ?

for minor works.

For an activity how Probabilistic time is calculated ?

By optimistic, pessimistic and most likely time.

Where Line organization is suitable ?

for small organization.

What are the factors that should be considered during production scheduling ?

Component design + Route sheets and time standards.

Why dummy activities are required ?

for maintaining the required net work.

What is the formula for break event point ?

F/(1-V/P) (F = fixed cost, V = Variable Cost and P = Selling price per piece.)

In which case the unit cost is low ? Batch production or Jobbing production ?

Batch production.

What are the benefits of CPM (Critical Path Method) ?

better planning with detailed idea, ascertaining time schedules and a good method for communicating project plans schedules.

Some important functions of inventory control are –

effective running of the stores, to take care of the material and check its state technically and to provide stock control system.

Do you think that PERT is an event oriented technique ? Yes or No .


Which chart gives simultaneous information of work progress and machine loading?

Man-machine chart.

In value engineering what is the meaning of value ?

utility of the product

Why work sampling is applied ?

for estimating the percentage utilization of machine tools, estimating percentage time, finding time study in certain situations.

Production costs means –

Prime cost + Factory overhead

A systematic job improvement sequence consists –

motion study + job enrichment + time study

Which chart gives an estimation of amount of materials handling between various work stations ?

travel chart

which is the device used for lifting or lowering objects suspended from a hook at the end of retractable chains or cable ?


What a flow diagram generally shows ?

The path followed by materials and men while doing a job.

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